Explore the Best 100 VG Liquid at Aroma Company

Oct 24, 2023


Welcome to Aroma Company, the leading provider of top-notch vaping products in Belgium. Our Vape Shops category offers a diverse range of high-quality e-liquids, including the finest 100 VG liquid available on the market. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the world of vaping and guide you through the benefits of choosing 100 VG liquid for your vaping needs.

Why Choose Aroma Company?

At Aroma Company, we take pride in offering our customers the best vaping experience through our carefully curated selection of products. We understand that vapers have unique preferences, which is why we stock a wide range of e-liquids, including the sought-after 100 VG liquids.

The Advantages of 100 VG Liquid

When it comes to e-liquids, 100 VG liquid stands out from the crowd due to its numerous advantages. Let's explore why it has become a popular choice among vapers:

1. Smooth and Satisfying Vaping Experience

100 VG liquid, composed entirely of vegetable glycerin, offers a smoother and thicker vapor production compared to other e-liquid bases. This results in a more fulfilling and enjoyable vaping experience. The increased vapor density allows for better flavor absorption, making each puff more flavorful.

2. No Harsh Throat Hits

For vapers sensitive to the throat hit sensation often associated with propylene glycol (PG) e-liquids, 100 VG liquid provides a great alternative. The absence of PG eliminates the potential throat irritation, allowing vapers to indulge in a more pleasant, gentle vaping experience.

3. Ideal for Cloud Chasers

If you're a cloud chaser who loves producing impressive vapor clouds, 100 VG liquid is a must-try. The high VG content facilitates thick clouds with excellent density and stability. You'll enjoy the satisfaction of impressive vapor production and create dense clouds that will surely turn heads.

Exploring the Wide Range of 100 VG Liquid Flavors

At Aroma Company, we offer an extensive selection of 100 VG liquids in a variety of delectable flavors. Whether you prefer fruity, menthol, dessert, or tobacco-inspired flavors, we have something to satisfy every palate. Our experienced flavorists have carefully crafted these e-liquids to ensure a perfect balance between taste and vapor production.

Enjoy the Benefits of 100 VG Liquid Today

Now that you're familiar with the advantages of 100 VG liquid and our exceptional range of flavors, it's time to enhance your vaping experience. Visit Aroma Company and explore our Vape Shops section to find the perfect 100 VG liquid that suits your taste buds.


Aroma Company is your go-to destination for the highest quality vaping products. With our extensive range of 100 VG liquid flavors, we ensure a smooth, satisfying, and flavorful vaping experience. Join the countless vapers who have already discovered the benefits of 100 VG liquid and elevate your vaping journey with Aroma Company today.